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Gerhard Schmerkle is ready to help you discover your inner sadness and bring it to life on the page.
Learn the latest songwriting tools as seventies super-producer Glenn Persons shares his dream: a space rock opera about an astronaut who falls in love with a ninety-foot robot.
Glenn Persons
The Participant: Student News Tweet
BFU Campus Life: Confused Students Unsure Where To Protest Webby Awards Video Depicting Actual Campus Experience
Tue Nov 17 19:08:40 +0000 2009
BFU Poll: 78% of BFU Students Suddenly Realize $500 "Dining Hall Passes" Bought From Scalper Not Worth Napkins They're Printed On.
Fri Oct 02 15:47:16 +0000 2009
BFU News: Prof. Gerhard Schmerkle Draws Artistic Inspiration From Life. As Well As Death. OK, Mostly Death.
Thu Oct 01 16:38:17 +0000 2009
BFU News: Glenn Persons Questioned By Campus Police For "I Wanna Put My Music Juice In You" Quote:
Thu Oct 01 14:40:01 +0000 2009
BFU Sports: University President Travels To Denmark To Make Covington's Case For 2016 Hobolympics
Tue Sep 29 11:37:44 +0000 2009
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